Our Story

Started by an Indian couple who are health enthusiast by nature and techie by profession.

Since 26 November 2018

makes us different?
Untreated Raw Honey

A known fact is that the nutrition of honey is diminished if its heated above 40 °C. We make our bee farmers aware of the same to preserve its nutrition value.
Honey Variants :
Flora Honey : Bees collect nectar from multiple flowers.
Jamun / Litchi Honey : Nectar from respective flowers.
Wondering how??
Simple. Bee boxes are kept at Jamun / Litchi farms so honey bees collect from the nearest blooming flower.

Uniquely curated menu

We specialize in good old-fashioned cooking with natural ingredients.

Our menu includes Millet Paratha, Multigrain Sandwiches, Protein shots, Home-made Oat Milk , Oats Parfait, Cheela, Bella Tea/Coffee and many more. Premix of Flora / Jamun Detox drink is also available.

We have something on our menu for everyone, including the kiddos, vegans, fitness enthusiasts and folks with a gluten intolerance.

Ayurvedic Herbs

Our effort is to bring back age-old herbs in regular use. Pure and free from any color and foreign substance.
Tulsi, Brahmi, Methi, Mulethi, Amla, Jamun, Moringa Ashwagandha, Shankhapushpi, Triphala, etc.
Click Here for detail benefits of the herbs.

Bio-degradable Packaging

We strive to safeguard the environment and reduce carbon footprints. Science says that liquid foods get affected the most when placed in a plastic bottle. To ensure this, we pack honey in glass bottles and use cardboard boxes for food deliveries.
We use biodegradable cutlery made from sugarcane molasses, corn-starch, wooden pulp, etc.
We also encourage #BYOC concept (Bring Your Own Container).

Health Assured

Our Kitchen Hygiene is certified by Equinox Labs.
Only natural sweeteners like jaggery, dates and honey are used.
#NoMayonaise #NoWhiteSugar #NoArtificial Colours #NoMaida
#NoKetchups #NoGMO #NoPreservatives #NoTastingSalt used.

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